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Solana: Post Bitcoin Halving Analysis

Solana has caused controversy before and has been in the news a lot recently. Today I want to dive into the technical analysis of this Altcoin posting immense potential being the #5 biggest cryptocurrency ...

Daily Chart

As you can see in the chart below, Mid-March we pierced through the Buyside Liquidity left from 2021 but failed to reach into the FVG above it. After a correction to the downside we wend back up into the wick of the previous high which can be seen as a gap and used for an OTE (my version, don't know if it's according to Michael's rules).

Just before the run-up to the BSL Dec 2021 SOL created a low, high and a lower low which is a + Breaker and could've been your Take Profit (TP). 

To the downside, we still have the relatively equal lows (SSL) and a FVG in the form of a BISI. Whether we'll reach into it or not will probably be determined by how the rest of the market's moving.  I personally would like to see it continue moving higher to its upside targets.

A run, down to the SSL would and into the FVG would make me a buyer. In this case, I'd like to see it run there fast and sudden with big beefy candles (Marubozu Candles) and ideally a wick below.