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Trading or Job?

Let's have some fun on Takeprofit.com. How do you feel about trading? Do you want to do it full-time, or alongside your job? What are your goals that you would like to achieve through trading, or perhaps already have? 

Write your story in the comments. I have illustrated my story with a few pictures.

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My journey in trading started over a decade ago. I went all-in, quit my job, and became a full-time trader. It was a wild ride, and I quickly learned just how easy it is to overtrade when you're in it 24/7. Eventually, I found a balance by combining trading with my regular job. Now, I’m channeling my passion into creating awesome products for traders. I believe that trading can totally transform our lives and bank accounts, but it should be part of a lifestyle, not a full-time job. At TakeProfit, we're all about making this journey exciting and rewarding 🤘
15 Jun