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S&P500 - Positive scenario prevails!

Last week I still had the correction on the chart, now I am assuming a direct "march through" towards 5,400 points and even then I only expect a moderate correction. This is because a positive divergence has formed in the "advanced/declineline". Roughly speaking, this indicator shows the market breadth and has expanded to a new high. At the same time, the S&P500 has not (yet) managed to do so. However, this divergence was the "tip of the scales", which is why I expect a clear continuation of the upward trend. It is interesting to note that it is no longer the technology stocks that are generating the momentum, but rather the representatives of the sectors: Energy, Utilities, Materials, Industry and Communication Services. What is particularly exciting here is the "utilities" theme, behind which the "smart grid or energy infrastructure" theme also lies.

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