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New Sectors ahead

Important figures for my portfolio are due this week, some second-tier tech stocks (chip & AI stocks), which have outperformed the market in recent weeks, will show whether this part of my portfolio remains invested. The relative strength of technology stocks (especially Big Tech) means that they are no longer investments. What is exciting is the utilities sector, which has not shown any signs of life for a long time, but is apparently being rediscovered by the major analyst firms, with Goldman Sachs publishing two detailed studies with the following headlines:- "Electrify Now: Powering Up Europe: AI, Datacenters, and Electrification to Drivec. 40% Growth in Electricity Consumption"- "Generational Growth: AI, Data Centers and the Coming US Power Demand Surge"At its core, this is about the energy requirements of the AI trend, so it's no surprise that some utility stocks have made it onto my watchlist. In addition to the increased growth prospects, they currently offer low valuations and, in some cases, attractive dividends. It's not just chart technicians who are taking advantage of this. This example is another wonderful example of the "power" of technical analysis, which picks up on the first signs of new sector trends a few weeks before the analysts' studies are published.If you want to know more about the analyses, just write a comment, if you are interested I will add a new article.#charting #KI #coaching #supervision #wealthmanagement

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