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🚀 Bitcoin / cryptocurrencies - continuing towards 60,000 US dollars

Bitcoin and the altcoins continue to be nervous and volatile. For me, this is a clear sign that cryptocurrencies have not yet bottomed out and that we are likely to experience a major shake-out. Because with every week that sees no upward breakout, the often inexperienced investors become more nervous, and the big market players want to take advantage of this to take shares away from the "weak hands" before the next upward impulse. I remain fully invested and am preparing myself psychologically for this event, it wouldn't be the first time.Hashtag#BitcoinHashtag#cryptocurrenciesHashtag#cryptoHashtag#BTCHashtag#portfoliomanagementHashtag#altcoinsHashtag#coachingStrategic fundamental opinion on cryptocurrencies as a speculative asset:https://lnkd.in/daskXYkX

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If BTC/ETH drops further, altcoins may experience a secondary bottom and potentially receive as a bonus third bottom.
26 Jun

Thank you for sharing your view.
22 Jun