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Bitcoin / cryptocurrencies - 84,000 or 44,000 US dollars?

Nervousness on the crypto market is on the rise. An exemplary double top has formed, which will be activated if the price falls impulsively below the USD 56,000 mark and sets a price target at USD 44,000. At the same time, Bitcoin is in an upward trend. As long as the USD 56,000 mark holds, my direct bull scenario remains in place. Below this level, an attractive scenario for me is activated. If this upward trend is tested and holds, I see a direct impulsive scenario. For some traders this is of course fatal and they will panic. I would like that very much because it would clear the market. My portfolio is invested and of course this would have a very negative impact on the current value, on the other hand it is also an opportunity for me to invest in shares in this sector, for example, which would then probably also be available for sale.#Bitcoin #cryptocurrenciesHashtag#cryptoHashtag#BTCHashtag#portfoliomanagementHashtag#altcoinsHashtag#coaching

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I agree that a correction might be healthy, offering new opportunities. Let's see how it plays out.
1 Jul