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9 May

The power of compounding

The two often overlooked factors that can significantly grow a small trading account into a substantial one are the power of compounding and time. 

By understanding and embracing the concept of compounding, your mindset will shift from constantly searching for the next winning system or strategy to focusing more on your trading. 

It is crucial to recognize that becoming rich overnight is not a realistic expectation in trading. Patience, combined with applying the right strategies, can enable you to grow a small account into a much larger one. It is essential to start by developing a winning trading strategy. If you already have a profitable strategy, that's great. If not, it is crucial to first focus on creating a strategy with positive expectancy. 

Once you are on the right track with a profitable trading strategy, you can harness the power of compounding and time. 

The true path to growing a small account into a very big one lies in the power of compounding over time. By remaining committed, disciplined, and patient, while allowing your profits to compound, you can achieve substantial growth in your trading account.

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