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BitBlockArt: A Fusion of Art, Technology, and Finance

Hello everyone!

We are delighted to be part of this project and would like to briefly introduce ourselves. 

BitBlockArt e.V. originally started as an association of artists and experts from the cypher sector in Vienna, dedicated to exploring the possibilities of cryptographic currencies.

We analyzed and exploited these new technologies, both technically and economically. This led to a profound interest in financial topics and the creation of a space aimed at breaking down thought barriers and voicing criticism. While critiquing existing systems, we also recognize the freedoms that these technologies offer and have found ways to merge them with art - through NFTs.

Art and Culture in the Financial World

Art and culture permeate every aspect of life, and the finance space is no exception. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have unlocked unprecedented opportunities to connect art with various applications. 

This is where BitBlockWizard steps in.

The BitBlockWizard Project

The BitBlockWizard project by BitBlockArt unites the realms of finance, art, and society, showcasing the diverse applications of NFTs. They can serve as utility tokens that enable various accesses and applications.

To demonstrate these functions, we have put together a colorful roadmap with many projects and application examples.


We strive to harmonize finance, art, and culture with daily life, creating a community where members integrate their leisure activities and professional interests. Unlike traditional business models, we emphasize personal development and community engagement.

Our community provides a unique space for collaborative exchange and the realization of diverse projects across our three sections - that's what we're here for.

Art, Society, and Finance


In the art sector, BitBlockArt collaborates with various international artists and manages an NFT fund called Dragons Lair. Furthermore, we want no less than the traditional art world to embrace blockchain technology and the use of NFTs.


The society area features a joint social media channel called BitBlockRadio where all members can participate. Successful formats like Emotion Control and Fraktalgeflüster are just a few examples.


In the finance domain, BitBlockArt offers a comprehensive trading tool, automated signals and analyses from various chart artists, as well as an exchange platform through an internal Telegram group. 

Various trading styles are covered. We don’t adhere to a single strategy or mentor. Instead, we believe in diversity and the use of varied, dynamic methods.

Be sure to check out our interview (in German) with the CEO of Takeprofit. You'll find plenty of fascinating information about our upcoming favorite platform. 
In the future, we will be sharing posts and insights from our perspectives here. We look forward to a good time together and are always open to a good chat. 
Thank You!

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