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Flexible layout

Drag the widgets to where you want them, and they'll adjust to the positions you set. Link widgets and sync the tickers.


Use heatmap, different view types and sorting to not miss investment themes and catalysts.


Dig deeper with technical analysis indicators, candlestick patterns and drawing tools.

Code Editor & Cloud Indicators

Add your own indicators to a chart with the IndieTM programming language.

100+ Crypto Exchanges + US Market

Market Data

Trade with NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE Arca real-time data. No extra charge. No Cboe BZX data where trading volume differs wildly.


Public launch

Q4 23

Available soon as part of
Public Launch
Indicators Marketplace
Q3 23

You can use not only your own indicators, but also those created by other traders and available on the marketplace.

Q2 23

Never lose a thought: capture all your analytical insights, quick takes on assets or reflect on your strategy in notes.

Financial Analysis
Q3 23

Don’t trade in darkness, X-ray the companies and crunch the numbers with crucial data presented in easy-to-understand charts.

UGC Media + Monetization for Authors
Q4 23

Welcome to the community where everything can be shared and monetized: analytical insights, quality research, quick takes, trading memes. Enjoy a truly collaborative experience.

Q2 23

Use financial, technical, market and other search criteria to find instruments that meet your needs.

Q3 23

Not your average newsfeed. Try a whole new AI approach — events are displayed directly in your charts.

Q4 23

Learn what has worked in the past and use that knowledge to adjust your strategy.

Portfolio Builder
Q4 23

Create your own portfolio from scratch or use an existing effective model to get started.

Option Strategy Builder
Q4 23

Create and customize a wide range of basic and advanced options strategies: choose your strategies on the fly, adjust option strikes and expirations, visualize expected P&L.

Third party apps
Q4 24

We open our platform to third party developers so they can develop their own apps/widgets/plugins.


The Vision

Everything in one tab
Global data coverage
All asset classes
The only tool
for traders

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